Hello World!

Welcome to Serendipity Bakes!

Before I dive headfirst into this magical world of blogging, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Ashley, and I hail from the great, grand Midwest. I’m currently a high school senior, which means I’m neck deep in college apps and college stress, but baking offers a reprieve from the process. You see, in the kitchen, with flour flying and sugar crystallizing upon every surface, I am at peace. There’s no greater wonder than seeing little balls of dough puff up into chewy cookies with the help of just a little bit of heat and love.

Outside of the kitchen, I also love to write, so I started this blog to combine my two great passions. I’ve wanted to start a baking blog for a while now (I’ve actually had this URL saved for about a year) after drooling over the mouthwatering recipes and pictures that adorn sites such as Sally’s Baking Addition, Joy the Baker, and Broma Bakery, but I must thank my dear friend Michelle over at Some Dough Knots for encouraging me to take a leap of faith into the blogosphere. While the majority of this blog will detail my adventures in the kitchen, I may also include reviews of products and restaurants, travel journals, book reviews, and snippets of my writing. I am so, so incredibly excited to share Serendipity Bakes with you, and I hope you enjoy.

– Ashley


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