August in Review

I’m not sure if these “month in review” posts will become a staple, but as August was a rather eventful month, I’ve decided to do a quick recap!

August 1: The Common Application is released and an all-encompassing wave of anxiety engulfs me and renders me incapable of writing essays for three weeks.

August 3-6: Segment II of Drivers Ed and the first time I’m back at school all summer. I barely recognize anyone in my class because I am a dinosaur.

August 9-16: Boston! I learn a lot and have the opportunity to talk to a lot of cool, smart people who get me thinking about my future career. I get to dissect two mice and see their beating hearts (the heart continues beating for a period after death). They are very cute. Hearts are cool. I finally know how to pronounce Worcester.

Fresh lobster and seafood nearly everyday. Good eats. So many college visits. Tufts and Boston College are beautiful and clean. Wellesley is so green and lush it’s practically a park. Northeastern and BU are urban jungles. Harvard is a haven for tourists, who (sadly) trample the grass in Harvard Yard. HBS is picture-perfect with its red-brick buildings and old trees offering shade for passing visitors. HMS is an enormous white marble castle. This is what dreams are made of.

Boston is a glorious city, and it’s one that I already feel well-acquainted with. The Prudential Center is better than Somerset. Newbury Street is adorable, so we hit up the same tapas bar as last time. Nostalgia.

Crème Brûlée French Toast. Yum.
Crème Brûlée French Toast. Yum.
Tapas on Newbury Street! It's been four months but I still led us back sans map.
Tapas on Newbury Street! It’s been four months but I still led us back sans map.

August 19: I finish Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov is a master of the English language. I would be happy with a fraction of his talent.

August 23: Road test early in the morning! One point off parking and fifteen off the road test, but I still pass. 😀

August 24: Senior orientation. I can’t believe we’re seniors already! It’s a scary thought. I’m happy with my schedule, although it won’t be easy. Super excited for Calc 3 & Linear Algebra because REAL MATH! Panera with 3/4 of Team Internationals — good talks about college and spring break. I’m so glad I have them. 🙂 After two hours waiting at the Secretary of State, I’m finally LICENSED!

August 28: Halsey’s Badlands finally comes out. She’s incredible.

August 29: ONE DIRECTION!!! Shoutout to Jeanna who won free tickets and invited me. Thank you so much, I had the time of my life. Augustana opened, but I didn’t recognize any of the songs except Boston. The concert itself was incredible. Our seats were a lot better than last time, and I could actually see the boys on stage. Their new music is actually really good, although I didn’t know all the words like last time. I miss Zayn. A lady asked me who was my favorite, and I cried because I don’t have one anymore. She said sorry, which was nice. Liam turned 22, which happens to be my favorite number, so he’ll be the new (reluctant) favorite. He seems the most responsible and kind of all of them. So much screaming — my hearing went wonky for a few hours after — but so worth it. I really love concerts, and I hope I get to go to many more next summer.

Panorama of the stadium.
Panorama of the stadium, lights aglow.

August 30: Car shopping with mom and dad. They’re looking at leasing a Chevy Equinox for me, but I’m not sure I like the look of it. If dad buys a BMW/Mercedes, then I’ll drive the Acura, but I’m hesitant about its performance during the winter, considering it’s a sedan and it’d only front-wheel drive. We’ll see. VMA’s go down in history. Nicki Minaj is queen. I’m sorry for ever doubting you.

August 31: Orchestra picnic! I baked sugar cookies, but no pictures because they were quite simple and I was rushed. It was fun seeing all my friends again, and we introduced ourselves to the new orchestra director. I discover that I am awful at ultimate frisbee.

Sidenote: Weekly board game nights are so much fun, because I get incredibly competitive. I hope we’re not too busy to continue during the school year.

If you’ve read all this, I apologize for the sporadic tenses. Next week I’ll get back to baking, promise!


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